Intuit the value of validating business ideas

Like many new organizations that experience huge growth, Adopt-a-Pet needed to figure out how to manage it effectively.

The company had no real process in place for developing its product, even as the product was doing well. “We still found a lot of success, but really in spite of our knowledge (or lack thereof) and not because of it.” In the areas where the organization was successful, there was no real understanding as to why.

It was fairly basic information that didn’t offer the organization much insight into how the site was being used.

Now the site is about engagements and activity and can measure the ways in which visitors are putting the site to use.

Many firms specialize in risk management, whereas others concentrate on handling business or financial investments.

Therefore, it becomes an important task to find a right accounting firm for your business.

There was some skepticism at first, but Moore kept asking more (and different) questions of her colleagues, a practice she continues.The result was a reframing of how they understood their mission.Instead of running a non-profit that happened to be a web site, they reconceived Adopt-a-Pet as a technology company that happened to be a non-profit.They want us to succeed.”For Moore, the two most important changes are the ability to launch a product quickly and to learn from iterations.A few years ago Adopt-a-Pet had metrics that included visitors to the site and how many emails were being sent to users.

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