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Anyone who hasn't read Pariah and its sequel, I would recommend doing so because those two stories rock. August 9, 2011I have just uploaded chapter six of Maximum Push, please enjoy and review. I have yet to get at the stories still trapped on the other CPU, but those on my flashdrive I will continue to work on though the CPU needs to go in for its physical tomorrow.November 25, 2011Well, I've updated Haven's Reign, finally. I also have another story that I'm almost ready to put the first chapter up on, it's a Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing and Young Justice crossover.

June 26, 2011: I have started a prequel series for The Secret of Mars, this is to better explain the Sailor Enforcers and the events which led up to King Haven and King Arestes battle that Sailor Pluto witnessed at the Time Gates.

I have added a write in vote for my Yaten poll, please vote, and please hype my story to your readers if you really love it.

June 27, 2011: I just uploaded the next chapter for Haven's Reign, I hope you all enjoy.

The old saying is if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it is true, especially in electronic format.

I am a huge Gx fan and my story is accurate with what has happened so far in the anime, Chazz is not sharing a dorm room with Jaden, he is sharing with Blair, just like he shared with Alexis and Bastion last season. June 23, 2011: I just recently updated The Secret of Mars.

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I forgot to put this on my latest story, I don't own Charmed, never will.

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