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Then they have speed dates with each girl, with questions flying in both directions. Round Three: Each of the two remaining woman must answer one question, written by and from their celebrity, and then the celebrity picks which woman they want to date. Just so you are aware, the descriptions above are about the length that they are given on the TV show, as well.

This week's celebrities, as introduced by host Cat Deeley, are women.

Unfortunately for him, Rima likes dark guys, and Carmen said she changed her mind. Since the other three women have their three men, Hope is in the final part of round one, a two-guy competition.

Joe says that he works at Victoria's Secret while Hermoz says that he "understands women very well." She picks Hermoz.

The woman selects which of the men who turned around she wants, unless there is only one or unless none turn around (which happened last week and the week prior).

When only one guy is left without three women, a special two-girl round will be held for whoever needs "extra." Round two: In round two, each celebrity has three girls on their team. Of course, on the old, old "Dating Game" we never saw anything in the next episode.

Christopher says he would be a shark while Nicholas says he would be a dolphin. Hope wants to know, if the two of you fell in love, how would he propose?Sophie doesn't help by saying "he's totally a geek by the way." But she does help bring laughs.Christopher comes out and says "first of all, you(se) are all gorgeous." All three girls turn around. Karim comes out and he actually has a love poem for them, but he runs out of time. Marco is a former athlete, has dreadlocks, 6'2" and is half black, half Indian, 100 percent Blindian.Then he goes on to say that he is also a veteran of the Air Force and would treat a woman like a princess. Sophie says it's because since Carmen is so "fussy" Shane has to be great, but despite Sophie saying he will probably pick Carmen, he picks Sophie. A college athlete, he adds that he is an infantry officer in the Reserves. Sophie also does a great job saying he should pick her because she is very easy - easy-going that is). John is from England and is a professional pastry chef and knows three languages and has been skinny-dipping on all seven continents. Rima disses his sideburns, but as Cat reminds her, John has the power. Rima adds that she's an idiot for not turning around.He ends up with Sophie (their accents got both of them, we assume). David comes out wearing a fedora (which doesn't matter since they can't see him).

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Round Two: this is the speed dating round, which we find to be the least interesting.

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