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If Wade had any common sense he would take notice of Gabrielle’s simmering bitterness and he would know that her publicly ignoring his child is indicative of a hateful, narcissistic woman who only thinks of herself.Actress Gabrielle Union explained why she is still childless after marrying NBA star Dwyane Wade, 35.Now, we know the kid was born in Los Angeles on Nov. just 6 weeks before Wade popped the question to Gabrielle, who he's been dating since 2009.

The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.“ The anonymous hacker has complained about the moneyreceived for the images. Sure, I got 0 with my bitcoin address, but when you consider how much time was put into acquiring this stuff (i'm not the hacker, just a collector), and the money (i paid a lot via bitcoin as well to get certain sets when this stuff was being privately traded Friday/Saturday) I really didn't get close to what I was hoping," the person wrote on 4Chan.Genuine and perceptive, Union bravely lays herself bare, uncovering a complex and courageous life of self-doubt and self-discovery with incredible poise and brutal honesty.Throughout, she compels us to be ethical and empathetic, and reminds us of the importance of confidence, self-awareness, and the power of sharing truth, laughter, and support.We're told Damon is very involved in the children's lives.TMZ Sports has obtained the birth certificate for Dwyane Wade's brand new son ...

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