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It was in 2009 that an official release of his EP, My world album was released.

Justin recorded seven songs for the album which was on the Billboard Hot 100 from his first album.

Most recently, Bieber and Gomez were seen together in November, and they've been spotted together periodically in the months since then.

Whatever's really going on, though, some of Gomez's fans aren't happy with the rumors about Bieber and Champion.

This is something ‘The Weeknd’ might not have liked, since he is currently dating Selena and her closeness to Justin may lead to some problem.

Justin Bieber might deny his current affair but he has been seen with the rising star Hailee Steinfeld.

He has sold 140 million records registering him in the world’s best selling music artist.

In the late August 2017, his Twitter followers reached 100 million; this made the second person to have reached that number.

Bieber, particularly, is apparently a big fan: He got onstage during the show and thanked David for believing in him.

The four of them hung out together on March 16 at a club in Hollywood, too, according to , so they might just all be a group of friends.

Just because Bieber and Champion went out without Abbey and Schwarzenegger doesn't mean they're dating.

Some Instagram users are commenting on Baskin's photos with the snake emoji, while others are leaving messages like "Stay away from Justin and Selena."Some fans of Gomez also voiced their dissatisfaction with Bieber on Twitter: that Bieber went with Champion to the concert specifically to make Gomez jealous.

"[Gomez is] off having fun with her friends and so he's showing that he can still go out and have fun too.

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It is difficult to believe that the star who has always been around beautiful women is now single.

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