Is kimberly locke still dating harvey walden

Locke graduated from Belmont in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing.After graduating from college, Locke appeared ready to set music aside and settle into a career outside the entertainment industry.In addition to her work as a singer and model, Locke has worked actively with many HIV/AIDS-related charities.

Locke, a self-proclaimed "foodie" who owns a steakhouse in New York, says that plus-size modeling gave her an opportunity to embrace her voluptuous figure.

While Locke intends to continue her music career, she now considers her job on the Board of Directors of One Heartland to be her most important work.

Asked about the turning point in her life, Locke points to the first time she visited the youth camp run by One Heartland.

She took a job as an administrative assistant at a Nashville company that licensed music for jukeboxes.

Locke was 24 years old, and had just been accepted into the Nashville School of Law when she auditioned successfully for the second season of the Fox reality TV show audition. 16 on the Billboard charts, and the first single, "8th World Wonder," reached No. Locke calls the release of her debut album one of the defining moments of her life.

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