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Then there were the heartfelt personal tributes, from those who knew and loved him, as a man as well as a record producer. He had started producing records for EMI’s Parlophone label in 1950 and was noted for his comedy recordings with the likes of Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Beyond the Fringe.Sir George's son Giles, who is also a producer and has worked at Abbey Road studios, wrote: "RIP dad. But, captivated by the Liverpool band’s youthful enthusiasm and natural wit, he was willing to take a chance on their innovative version of American R&B and with them went on to revolutionise the practice of pop music recording.This intruder actually put Malcolm in a compromising position because if things had got out of hand, the police would be looking to see if there was intent on Malcolm's part and it would then be Malcolm's fault.That stupidity has got to stop."Good luck to him, though."If I'd had a gun myself at that moment, I would have shot him. I was so angry that he had attacked my wife and had violated my home. Unfortunately, I couldn't hit him hard enough to kill him or, at least, knock him out."Mr Starr, 54, a millionaire who acted as Mr Martin's spokesman while the farmer was in prison, was in the kitchen at about 10pm when his wife Claudia went into the hall."I heard my wife shouting and went into the hallway and found her fighting with this man," said Mr Starr."I hit him but he didn't react at all. He had some jewellery in his hand that he'd taken from the bedroom and he smelled of alcohol."You never know how you are going to react in these situations but I was very, very angry.He said: “God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family love Ringo and Barbara George will be missed.” A few minutes later Starr added: “Thank you for all your love and kindness George peace and love.” Paul Mc Cartney also paid a moving tribute to Sir George, who died in his sleep on Tuesday evening, calling him a “second father” and confirming his status as the band’s fifth member.

Harrison’s widow Olivia and his son Dhani Tweeted: “George Martin was a gentleman above all. Our thoughts are with Judy & the family at this sad time.” The Prime Minister, David Cameron, was among the first to pay his respects to all that Sir George had achieved in his seven-decade career, which took in classical, jazz, comedy and of course The Beatles, along with performers such as former Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Elton John and Pete Townshend.

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The incident brought a renewed call yesterday from Mr Martin, a Norfolk farmer who was jailed for shooting dead a 16-year-old burglar, for new laws to protect householders who are defending themselves and their property.

It's violated his home."In my case, they said I was waiting in that house to shoot someone.

• Sir George Martin dies age 90 • Sir Paul Mc Cartney has paid tribute to his 'second father' • Game of Thrones fans 'panic' • 'Fifth Beatle' was long-time producer • Ringo Starr announces death on Twitter • Sir George Martin, Beatles' producer - obituary • His incredible life - in pictures It began within minutes of the news that Sir George Martin had died at the age of 90; an outpouring of affection and sorrow unmatched by the standards of most celebrity deaths.

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“He was also a beautiful, gentle man I had the pleasure of chatting to on many occasions.

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