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She continued dancing professionally while earning a Pre-Law degree from Penn State.

She worked as a choreographer and dancer for a popular dance troupe called The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers).

"one in a million" "beautiful monster" and "champagne life", which tells the whole story from start to third video until now, but keeps continue Parts per million Parts per million (ppm) measures the mass of the substance in the solution divided by the total mass of the solution times one million.

For example, if you have 1g of Na Cl in 1000g of water, what is the PPM?

NIGHT OF DANCE: These events include several classes with Galen in one night with a sense of community, education, networking and fun!

She choreographed Britney Spears' Til the World Ends music video in 2011.1g Na Cl/1000g H 2 0 (1,000,000) 0.001 x 1,000,000 1000 ppm is your answer.In other words, ppm measures the concentration of a chemical in very low quantity.The part 2 is beautiful monster and part 3 is champagne life.You can watch extended versions of all 3 music videos.

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