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(Meaning they will attack other players not in your guild.) Though this isn’t without risk…(As setting them to hostile also means any players that can be attacked by them can also kill and loot or capture them just as if they were an untamed thrall found in one of the usual thrall camps…) Basically this means that you can turn your base into what is basically another thrall camp…

Hi, I will be updating and modifying this in the future. Compass item: Currently cut from development Mounts: Technical difficulties since if the player moves above a certain speed treshold the game cant load in chunks at that rate, couls be fixed by smaller chunks but this will drastically reduce performance since ultimately more would be loaded simultaniously. Double foundations: Make these a seperate item at the very least.

(Or dungeon if you will…) I’d also extend this to pets once that’s added…

(So for the fun of it you can build stock and maintain your own dungeon in Pv E-C, and challenge other players to raid your maze of death…) These things requires very good planning and thinking as it can lead to best race which would be bad.

You have almost no chance in Pv P with medium or without best heavy armor. having more kinds of drawbridges would be nice as well, imagine a large T3 structure with such a very badly crafted drawbridge… Uneven-ness is handy too but we should have “many” other size options. And agreed about the drawbridge, (also elevators and even supports suffering the same lazyness.

Only thing You can “theory-craft” right now is stat boosts and boosting agility with heavy armor and that is all. imean why settle for some poorly made bridge when the rest of your base is top-tier…?

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