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But in March, when the tabloids revealed that her husband, , was a , the Oscar winner found herself in the middle of an adoption and a messy divorce.

Unlike , who went through the same double whammy in 2002 when she adopted son just after breaking up with husband Billy Bob Thornton, Bullock managed to keep her 3 ½-month-old son, Louis Bardo Bullock, from legions of reporters for months.

Digesting and expressing your thoughts -- even if it’s in just 140 characters or less -- can help you pinpoint the hits and misses in your love story.Keep the rules simple: 1 point for every 5 winks you receive, 2 points for every 5 messages, -1 point for every "no thanks” you get (wah-wah) and so on. That small dose of retail therapy can get you motivated to flex your love muscles.Take It Offline Don’t get stuck in a lengthy back-and-forth messaging marathon with a potential online date, cautions Jessica Massa, author of .If you see someone on your child's school or daycare phone list who has different addresses for each parent, schedule a play date and chat. You can be one great parent with kids who know they are loved, even if Mom didn't have time to make something for the school potluck. Don't push, but if someone offers to "babysit," say, sure -- but make it more like a play date. (Just remember to have your child say thank you in some form.) 4. For single moms who want to date, life can be a logistical and moral minefield. Throw a Profile Party Gather up your gal pals, pour some Pinot Grigio and get typing.

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Go on a Hunt Let’s face it, you’re always on the prowl for Mr.

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