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Though they publicly denied it, all girlfriends were expected to participate in Hef's bizarre bedtime group sex ritual.

Among his bizarre set of mansion rules, Madison writes, were that the girlfriends change into identical flannel pajamas before the bedtime routine.5.

He would watch porn, smoke pot, and jerk off while his girlfriends and whoever else happened to be joining them that night pretended to get it on around him.

This was seen as unfair by the rest of the girlfriends based on how bedroom hierarchy had previously worked.

But Hef approved her request, forcing Madison to move out of the room.

(Madison writes about working up the courage to ask Hef for a nose job.) 10.The photos "only amplified the massive pressure to always look perfect and cause the girlfriends to spend hours critiquing their appearances," Madison writes.(She also describes Hef as a "hoarder" with "endless desire for momentos.") 3.He made his sons Marston, 9 years old when Madison moved in, and Cooper, 10, share a bedroom with a girlfriend.This was Bedroom 3, which came with three beds and a private bath.

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Hef was also known to hate red lipstick, Madison says in her book.

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