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Normally, Taijiquan double-edged sword forms are not very well adapted as cane forms. Developed by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., founder of Cane Masters. This video contains information on the required Cane Masters Kata, cane care techniques, advanced techniques, and an interview with Grand Master Mark Shuey. Also its less dangerous to practice partners than edges or metal. This concept involves taking advantage of an opponent's movement and thus might be perceived as a defensive approach to countering offensive action.

Karate, Jodo, Kung Fu, Shaolin, Bagua, Wudang, and Hsing I cane or stick forms are often fast, vigorous, powerful, twisting, agile, and with some very low stances. Along with the curriculum on the other five instructional videos, you will now have everything you need to learn in order to pass your Black Belt test, or to increase your knowledge of the cane." VSCL. Not only is the weapon behavior a manifestation of the skill and coordination of muscular energy against physics, as you point out, but it does a couple of other things: it helps explore an extended range of space, and provides feedback, if you pay attention, to help correct body mechanics and refine positioning." - Bob Gotsch "The major trend in thought on boxing reflected in the Epitaph [Epitaph for Wang Zhengnan (1669), composed by Huang Zongxi] is emphasis on the concept of "stillness" overcoming "movement" or the mental in relation to physical aspects of boxing. Yu Dayou advocated it in his manual on staff fighting (1565), and its basis can be traced to Sun Zi's Art of War (c. This more disciplined "military" approach was at variance with some of the more "individualistic" and "flowery" movements which characterized many popular styles, which were conveniently described as "Shaolin boxing" in the Epitaph." - Stanley Henning, Ignorance, Legend and Taijiquan "The Chinese word gun (棍 pinyin gn) refers to a long Chinese staff weapon.

Of course, when first learning any new cane form, begin with a slower, more deliberate, less vigorous practice to help the body adapt to the moves of the new form. The types of gun normally used nowadays for exercises and competitions are the bailangan (白栏杆) and the nangun ( "Speak and you get Nanten's staff, Do not speak and you still get Nanten's staff." - Zen Koan Take a look at the Zen painting of Nanten's staff by Nakahara Nantembo (1839-1925) Zen Masters would pound their ceremonial staff on the ground when making a point during a lecture or discussion.

Thus, even a fast and vigorous cane form from any style can be done more in the "Taiji" fashion outlined and shown above. Beifang Qi Taiji Zhang (Northern Energy Taiji Cane): List of Movements, Directions and Notes by Michael P. For more Zen Koans using the staff as a teaching prop see below.

I also do drills with my hickory cane based on cane exercise routines derived from Octavio Ramos Jr., Mark Shuey Sr., Sammy Franco, Ted Mancuso, and I will also continue to do research on the Taiji cane, short staff, and walking stick; and make improvements to this hypertext notebook. American Cane System: Ranking Series, Green Belt, Level 3. The handle provides a hook which can be put to various uses, much like the hooked kama.Since the Cloud Hands Website is a very well-established and stable website, it provides readers with a good and secure starting point for their online research into Taijiquan and Qigong. Either because it had been struck by someone who would later be a saint (the association with the holy person), or thanks to the Christianization of the sacred source or pool." - Gerard J. 69 [Dowsing] "The jo can be used to strike like a sword, sweep like a naginata, thrust like a spear (yari).The Cloud Hands website is funded entirely by Green Way Research, with volunteer efforts by Michael P. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, many other websites and webpages appear and then disappear from the Internet scene. Developed by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., founder of Cane Masters. "Featuring the devastating power of the crook, the fourth ranking video shows a wide variety of takedowns and control techniques specifically designed for the cane, as well as defensive techniques for use against a variety of weapons." VSCL. Its two ends can be used, unlike the single point of a sword, and its ma-ai (fighting distance) can be varied according to the hand grip you take.Both webpages included an extensive bibliography, webpage links, UTube links, quotations, lore, information, history, sources for weapons, notes, and lists of Forms (katas, shi) for staff weapons practice. For sale by Army and Nave Register, Washington, D., C., 1912. Afghan and Indian forms of stick-fighting included training and combat with a wide variety of wooden weapons, of different lengths and timbers.The short staff weapons webpage, called the Way of the Short Staff, included information on Taiji cane practices. Other forms, such as the English quarter-staff, probably so-called because the fighter gripped his weapon with his right hand one-quarter of the way along its length, employed robust hardwood staves.

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The only weapon I practice with on a daily basis is a wooden cane; and the only weapon I teach now in my Taijiquan classes is the cane. The excellent illustrations of sporting Frenchmen (dressed at the height of Parisian fashion for 1843) braining, swatting, thrashing, and maiming one another with whizzing hardwood canes are sure to amuse and enlighten." Asian Fighting Techniques Featuring Long Staff and Cane. Though specific training methodologies may vary from school to school and even from instructor to instructor, the basic theories, concepts and principles of tahn bong techniques remains constant.

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