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Trinity: Messianic Jews vary in their beliefs about the Triune God: Father (Ha Shem); Son (Ha Meshiach); and the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh).

Most accept the Trinity in a manner similar to that of Christians.

Messianic Jews see themselves as Messianic Jews accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) as the Messiah yet retain a Jewish lifestyle.

After conversion, they continue to observe Jewish holidays, rituals, and customs.

There are several reasons why Judaism rejects the notion that Jesus was the messiah.

However, the main objection to his ‘messiahship” is that he simply did not qualify.

These include: 1) Not worshiping idolatry, 2) No blasphemy, 3) No murder, 4) No stealing, 5) No adultery, 6) Establishing courts of justice, 7) Not being cruel to animals.

Prayers may be read from the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew or the local language.Some Jews may even regard Jesus with enmity, seeing him as a false idol.However, one relatively modern faith movement known as Messianic Judaism combines Jewish and Christian beliefs by accepting Jesus as their promised Messiah.In order to be considered a “candidate” for moshiach a number of scriptural prophecies must be fulfilled by him, and such an individual must demonstrate a wide range of unparalleled attributes.Additionally, a radical transformation in the human condition must take place for that time to be deemed auspicious for advent of the messiah.

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