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Car manufactures have become adepts at “gaming” their cars to return fuel economy under laboratory conditions that can’t be matched in the real world.

Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) was developed using real-driving data, gathered from around the world and better represents everyday driving profiles.Figures apply to electric and hybrid cars as well as petrol and diesel vehicles, so expect to see lower official range figures quoted for these.The new test is enormously more complex than the outgoing one and places a greater burden on manufacturers.It’s one of the biggest changes since the VW emissions scandal changed the legal and ethical landscape of fuel economy reporting – though the new test format was planned long before that, dating back to 2007.Instead of relying on less realistic laboratory tests alone, the new procedure supplements these with additional real-world testing.

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Four years later, Michael’s first cousin, Olympia, was hired to play Anna Madrigal in the television miniseries. The novel was given to her in the hospital in 1994 by actress Daryl Hannah, who had optioned it for a film, with an eye to the role of Renee, and wanted Jackie’s opinion in the matter.

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