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“I called it, and then I called him and said let’s do it tomorrow, and he said, ‘No, I’m coming up to your room,’ so we talked.

“One of the things I remember telling him I said, ‘You know, two years ago I was in Baltimore, and I had made a decision to coach a few more years and be a coordinator, enjoy this,” Kubiak reflected.“And I said, ‘Dammit you picked up the phone and called me, why did you call me? That ring will be special to me and what took place the past couple years.” In the two years with Kubiak at the helm, and Elway running the front office, the Broncos had top-level success, winning 24 games, second most in the league in that time, and bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to the Mile High City for the third time in the organization's history.On Christmas Eve, while Elway wouldn’t let Kubiak reschedule their talk, he was hopeful that Kubiak would change his mind before the season ended.“This book that I’m looking at, that I'm reading out of, I got this my first coaching job — I think it was 1992, I was a running back coach at Texas A&M.Everybody who knows me knows that I carry this book with me to every meeting I’ve ever been to.

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’ So on Monday, the two greeted the media for one final time as the head coach and general manager of the defending Super Bowl champions.

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