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For centuries Kazakhstan was a country of nomads and herders.Tribes were the basis of society; the tribe was constituted of family members and the family elders.T-shaped tables are often used for meetings so that both sides can be seated opposite each other.The top Kazakh at the meeting will sit at the head and his staff will be seated in decreasing order of rank.The Kazakhs developed a patriarchal view of the world.

It is the goal of the government for the Kazakhs to become the majority of the population throughout the country.People are respected because of their age and position.Older people are viewed as wise and therefore they are granted respect.Kazakh has been declared the national language of the country (even though many native Kazakhs cannot speak their own language).Expatriated Kazakhs have been invited to return home and settle. It is important to note that the people of Kazakhstan, inclusive of all ethnic groups living in the country, are called Kazakhstani.

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