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The bodies of his wife, Christiane, and Henri Francqui were uncovered.Autopsies and ballistics tests proved that both had been shot with the same weapon which had taken the lives of the Bergauds and their maid, Alfia Borgioni. He and Christiane had argued over her affair with Francqui. As for Francqui, Bernard had argued with him over Christiane. Bernard claimed he had no choice but to fire in self defense.It goes without saying that such a defence did not sit well in German-occupied France.The court preferred to believe that robbery was the motive.

In 1968, he met and wed attractive Christiane Ruaux.

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Classification: Serial killer Characteristics: Robberies - Cementing corpses inside staircase of his home Number of victims: 6 Date of murders: 1941 / 1974-1976 Date of birth: 1922 Victims profile: Julien Quivel (his best friend) / Christiane Ruaux (his wife) / Henri Francqui, 68 / Emile, 73, and Elizia Bergaud, 63, and their maid, Alfia Borgioni Método de matar: Hitting with an iron bar / Shooting (.38 calibre revolver) Location: Rouen/Paris, France Status: Sentenced to life imprisonment on October 8, 1982 Authorities Were Not Buying Bernard Pesquet Story France was occupied by Germany in 1941 when 19-year-old Bernard Pesquet was convicted of murdering his best friend, Julien Quivel.

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