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The children seemed to rely more on oxidative energy sources, the researchers say, meaning their aerobic muscle cells were relatively more active.

And for the rest of us, it hints that it might be possible to reclaim something of our childhood exuberance.

One day my friend Connie came by and Brian, in French maid’s uniform, wrist and ankle hobbles, penis gag and FL4A Frenum Chastity, with barbells and a leash ring, waited on us, then resumed his housework.

Connie was so taken, not only by his feminization but thorough job of cleaning, that she suggested I rent Brian out to selected friends.

He didn’t mind growing breasts but was soon distressed as his small penis began to shrink.

The attic, with all of its beams, made a good discipline room, and I strung Brian up by his wrists, ankles, and even by his long blond hair and lashed him soundly with a variety of whips.

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Researchers from France and Australia conducted a physiological test comparing 8- to 12-year-old boys with both untrained adult men and endurance athletes.

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