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Sadly, the world is debasing womanhood, but you young men can treat women with respect and recognize them as daughters of God.

After a school dance, our daughter received a note from her date telling her how much he appreciated her dressing modestly. This is one example of how young men can encourage young women to live the standards of the gospel. Young women, can you see beyond young men’s occasional awkwardness and immaturity and imagine them as future leaders in the Church and in their homes? There are many ways you can show respect for the priesthood and manhood.

As you dress and behave modestly, you can have a great impact on young men.

Your modest actions and dress will help them control their thoughts and focus on virtue and that which is wholesome.

For your spiritual safety, one of the best rules is to never be in a bedroom or other private area alone with someone of the opposite sex. There comes a time when older teens and young adults need to start dating. Why not just keep spending time with friends until you eventually find a good marriage partner?

This includes making sure everyone uses seatbelts whenever you’re in a car and making sure everyone can get home by curfew. They get too comfortable and shy away from the discomfort of asking someone out for a date.

The next steps on the path—group and individual dating—are the appropriate time to begin socializing on your own, without adult chaperones.

Too often, unstructured activities are so casual and open-ended that you could find yourself making poor, last-minute decisions that can have unwanted, and even dangerous, outcomes.

Be patient with them as they go through the awkward teen years.

Sometimes they are a little clumsy—physically, socially, and spiritually.

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