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This level is the hardest level between these levels (till 6)I am not going to tell it now and i want you to figure out about this level.Dating exposes all the dating scams that we can find and uncover.However, he neglected to upload the password will say that how to find this what is it or what is the line meaning?for finding it just press Ctrl F then search for the password there are some password but the 1st one is the password which it is upper of the input understanding them if you know a bit HTML you can understand them.

He made it load the real password from an unencrypted text file and compare it to the password the user enters.

now: If you append 'password.php' to the URL " you'll see the password in plain means like this :https:// is a password there.

This time Sam hardcoded the password into the script.

Damit sind wir mehr als eine digitale Plattform: Bumble versteht sich als Community.

here it says "This level is what we call "The Idiot Test", if you can't complete it, don't give up on learning all you can, but, don't go begging to someone else for the answer, that's one way to get you hated/made fun of.

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