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They have have style, intelligence, glamour, charm and an amazing self-confidence which makes heads turn the instant they walk into a crowded room.

So you need to be at your seductive best when wooing a Leo woman.

And when that vivacious, fiery and creative side of hers gets you heated up, you can be sure of a mind-blowing sexual experience. The key to sexual compatibility with a Leo is to make them feel special.Make sure they know that you are entirely committed to the relationship since behind their gregarious selves, they are intrinsically loyal and expect the same from their partners.Bearing the sign of the King of the jungle, they are used to living in the limelight; also, their incredible dynamic personality ensures that everyone around them is held in their spell.They are in general hot-blooded lovers who regularly need to have sex in order to feel reassured in their love lives.Nothing turns on a Leo man like a partner who is willing and even helpless before the powerful force of his love.

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