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In larger operations, the owner will require help in managing the liquidation.Therefore selecting one or more trusted employees to participate in the process is essential before lay-offs are announced and implemented as rapidly as possible. Business closures sometimes produce unusual behavior in employees; they may feel cheated; the atmosphere of a free-for-all sometimes develops and caution is indicated to avoid wholesale theft and sabotage.Many liquidations follow months, occasionally years of anxiety and agony as a business gradually fails, and liquidation is painful.It is, furthermore, as painful for a manager liquidating a subsidiary or a division for a large company as for an owner liquidating his or her business.Alongside appraisers are liquidators specializing in selling inventory and equipment; a variety of selling techniques are used, including auctions. For example, all the inventory may be moved to an empty warehouse and laid out for a sale that might extend over several days.Some liquidators have added Internet outlets to their marketing and therefore a photographer may be taking digital shots of selected items as part of inventory.

They appraise all manner of inventories and equipment daily and have an enormous depth of expertise.

Arrangements must be made to have locks changed and valuable goods safely stored.

This is sometimes difficult to do and requires early arrangements.

Vendors and customers must be notified after the layoffs are accomplished. Finally, the owner should take his or her own inventory before third parties become involved.

People entering the twilight zone of liquidation will discover it is populated by an entire industry little suspected to exist.

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