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Airlie Beach local PR consultant, Tom Coull, who with newspaper editor Linda Brady has railed against the images, described them as "cheesy, tacky, not original and definitely sexist" and worried about explaining the images to his young son. Lesley Campbell, reckons the murals are "disgusting, unnecessary and extremely suggestive" and gave a negative reflection of the town, even suggesting they encourage rape and sexual assault.But most see the funny side and reckon it's a great idea. "People have taken pictures with a mobile phone and they've been sent around the world in emails.They should assert themselves in the household, just as builders do on the job site: as confident, responsible and strong, able to lead when life's calamaties roll in, and keep their family sheltered and secure.In case they're no longer sure how to do that, there are groups out there to help them.

Anecdotally, I hear women are sending their menfolk along in the hope of giving them a push towards a more masculine style.Andrew Kaye, from the RNLI, said: "The whole idea was to raise money for the lifeboat.It has been very successful over the last 40 years.The event, traditionally held in Cobb Square in Lifeboat Week, is no more. "Conger cuddling", which attracts up to 3,000 people every year, is not dissimilar from a game of skittles only it is on a larger scale.Nine humans prepared to do battle with a huge, slippery eel replace the skittles.

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Mr Fox said: "I cannot see how it can be cruel to a fish that has been dead for two months. "If it were a salmon bought from a supermarket would there be any complaints? We bonded over a cup of tea, the saucers balanced on the mountains under our chins. " And that's when she confided: in the seven months since she'd become pregnant, they'd broken up. "I didn't know how to get it out and I asked my husband and he said, 'I don't do light bulbs.

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  1. She, who got rid of me, needs to justify it by painting me as a no good husband who only made her miserable. You would have such self-respect and feel great if you just ignore her advances. I feel no good anymore, broken and desperately lonely. In the beginning of a relationship they seem as googly eyed as anyone else, but they are secretly guarded. I was no saint, but I was always faithful and I never would have left her for the reasons she left me, and still don't quite believe her.

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