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Its stocky body has a flexible pelvis, a thick neck, and bowed legs.The orangutan's arms are longer than its legs, reaching nearly to its ankles when the ape stands up. Orangutans spend most of their life in the trees, swinging confidently from branch to branch.There are some differences between the two orangutan species: Lives on Sumatra.The hair is longer and lighter-colored than the Bornean species.

But an orangutan approaches the challenge quite differently.

To stay safe, they tend to spend more time in the trees than Bornean orangutans, which don’t have those predators on their island so can safely spend more time on the ground.

Orangutans eat lots of ripe fruits—up to 100 kinds.

Orangutans, whose name means “people of the forest,” live in tropical and swamp forests on the Southeast Asian islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

These shaggy red apes are the largest arboreal mammal and the only great ape found in Asia.

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