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You’re flirtatious, impulsive, generous, kind and nonjudgmental.

Ideal Date – Your ideal date includes a playful and challenging activity such as miniature golf, parasailing, snowboarding or even swings at the park.

| Baskin-Robbins, being single, Being Single on valentine's Day, Ben and Jerry's, Bridget Jones's Diary, chocolate, Craig Benoit, dark chocolate, date, Food, food study, food-ology, ice cream, ice cream flavors, ice cream shop, ideal date, infographic, Juliet Boghossian, love potion, Matthew Kang, personality, personality type, Scoops Westside, valentine's day, white chocolate Heartbreak and ice cream have gone together since Bridget Jones famously declared, “I am enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously. Number of current boyfriends: zero.” However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about eating your way through the possibility of being “forever alone.” “Ice cream is the best comfort food. Like, hey come over, I have a few pints of ice cream I need to get rid of, will you help me? People love coming here and enjoying our unique flavors.” READ MORE: Valentine's Day Cookie Recipes There’s certainly no shortage of unique flavors for Valentine’s Day.

It's good for celebration, times of loneliness, whenever,” said Matthew Kang, the owner of a local L. ” In fact, the social aspect is one of Kang’s favorite parts about his job. Classics like Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy and Chubby Hubby seem to fit the bill for lonely souls in search of a sweet companion.

Your perfect date makes you feel special, unique and inventive – whether it is an adventurous outing like a safari, an exclusive experience such as dining at a five-star restaurant, or a cultural activity to inspire the mind like the theater or concert. You thrive with partners that mirror your personality and ambition, so stick with dark chocolates to find your perfect match.

No matter whether you’re a chocolate ice cream lover or not, whether you’re going on date with a Valentine or a date with Netflix, just remember you are never alone when you’ve got ice cream.

Dinner and a movie is a perfect date night for you and a local restaurant that knows you by first name puts you in your ultimate comfort zone. Your best matches are white or dark chocolate lovers.

Boghossian to study what a chocolate lover’s favorite type of chocolate says about them and their relationships.

Whereas, a partner who loves dark chocolate will help you take more calculated risks and be bold.

If your favorite flavor is White Chocolate: Personality – You’re a playful free spirit and tend to be the life of the party.

Boghossian is the founder of Food-ology, an original methodology that links food-related habits to personality traits and behavioral tendencies.

Here are some of the findings: If your favorite flavor is Milk Chocolate: Personality – You’re a devoted traditionalist, friendly, approachable and responsible. Ideal Date – You tend to welcome traditional courtship most.

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I'd say use it as an excuse to hang out with people.

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