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About one in five Americans has tried online dating, be it e Harmony of match-making via Facebook.

Time was, it was embarrassing to admit you met your significant other through a dating site; now it’s almost expected.

(More on Forget Pain Pills, Fall in Love Instead) However, if your red dress in the wash, or no longer fits, don’t despair.

The guys in white coats believes hot pink might work almost as well.

(More on Passing as Black: How Biracial Americans Choose Identity) “Were they hypocritical? The findings, which the authors are in the process of submitting for publication, are significant because Internet dating has become such a linchpin of modern-day romance.

” Men who thought they were going to meet the woman in blue went more boilerplate, like “What’s your major?

” (More on The Fashion of Sarah Palin) In another experiment, men were again told they would meet the woman in the photo, but this time they were taken to a room with two chairs, which they were asked to rearrange.

“I don’t think this is a simple question of racism.” For the average white person, he says, there is no advantage to becoming involved with a black person, and there are disadvantages. “Segregation, it seems, is sort of built into the social scene for the time being.” Related Links: Should Race Play a Role in Custody Decisions?

“You will have trouble with family, with friends, and every time you go to a restaurant people will be looking at you.

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