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Because learning about your partner’s communication style, especially when he/she wants to talk about something that’s bothersome, helps prevent big blow-ups down the road.

Relationship expert Rebecca Hendrix writes on The that it’s useful to think back to a recent quarrel and analyze it to see how each partner approached the situation differently.

” It’s also a good idea, Wagner said, to decide which partner will be the main financial manager (although he/she always needs to keep the other partner informed).

Wait — why would you talk about fighting if you’re not actually mad at each other?

Relationship experts say perceived sexual compatibility (as in, how well you think you guys work out sexually) can make or break a relationship.

Maybe she has a secret fetish she still hasn’t shared with you; maybe you’ve been afraid to tell her you’re intimidated by how often she wants sex.

Your partner may be used to telling his mother everything and taking all her advice, and expect you to do the same.While it might be nicer to just lay in bed together binge-watching Modern Family and “enjoy the moment,” a serious relationship requires some conversation about what each person envisions for the next few years. Unfortunately, this conversation is less about romance and Prince Charming and more about household chores.Especially for couples who live together, it’s important to figure out who’s responsible for and actually enjoys which everyday tasks.You, on the other hand, may have no interest in taking style tips from your boyfriend’s mom. ”) Make sure to be honest and clear about the role family plays in each of your lives.Maybe a wedding is the farthest thing from your mind right now. Whatever your feelings about putting a ring on it, Dr.

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