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So when I found out I was pregnant at the age of 27, I had to re-think.It is incredible – and a testimony to the power of female hormones – how quickly I converted to the idea of starting a family, and the realisation that I did not have to give up all fun and personal ambition (though maybe some, temporarily) followed soon after.We all met at university and the greater number of women in higher education is cited as one of the main reasons for the average marriage age getting increasingly older.Interestingly, while combing through stats on the Office for National Statistics website, I discovered that in 2010, the last year figures are available, as well as 3,571 people in England and Wales who got married for the first time aged 16-19, there were 15 people who got married having previously been divorced.And while I still feel like a bit of a phoney when referring to "my husband", I wouldn't change a moment of it.Getting married turned out to be a really good excuse to have a good old knees-up with those people who mean the most to me and that has got to be worth at least as much as a piece of paper. The youngest in the world 33.2 The average for women in Jamaica. My mother, as was about par for the course in 1975, got married at the age of 21. As such, I'd vowed as a young man that I would wait until I was at least 35 before deigning to stroll down the aisle with my beloved.

– a generation that has learnt from the mistakes of its parents when it comes to prioritising marriage. So my only advice is this: put sturdy wine glasses on your wedding list. I never dreamt of a white wedding, which is good because I was never going to get one.Despite living in Madagascar for generations, stateless Karana must obtain residency permits to remain in the country legally.Recently, Ibrahim had to take out a loan from his employer in order to pay for a new biometric residence permit.The number of marriages failing in their first 10 years is now as low as it's been since the mid-1980s.This try-before-you-buy approach to matrimony looks like it's only going to increase.

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