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Whilst the slogan ‘took inspiration’ from the infidelity website’s own words, Zhang told us he didn’t think it infringed copyright.

‘We need to spend a lot of efforts and time to reshape the branding awareness because the image has been featured on some big media sites and has been seen by many people,’ he added.

Anyone 18 or older can join the free site discreetly, using a pseudonym.

There, the users can list turn-ons and sexual preferences.

To prevent the data from being released, the hackers said, the company needed to shut down the site entirely.

The hackers promised to release the real names, passwords and financial transactions of members if Ashley Madison did not meet that demand.

The infidelity app Ashley Madison has threatened to sue a rival sex app after accusing it of copying its trademarks.

The site has long told users that they can scrub their profiles from the site for .uk has obtained a letter sent by a lawyer for the infidelity service Describing the images, it said: ‘The main/memorable elements that will be remembered by any consumer would be flowing hair, a finger raised to the lips and the mask.’ It then went on to discuss the slogans used by both firms.‘The only two differences in the slogans are the presence of the words ‘boring’ versus ‘short’ and ‘desire’ versus ‘have’.Also, the woman on their trademark picture wears a wedding ring, which indicates that their service is for married people.The woman on our trademark doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

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  1. Other times, we're afraid to make a commitment ourselves, so this is a very effective way to not truly get involved, Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner tells Bustle.“One of the key points I discuss with my clients is we often attract people who are in a similar emotional place as we are.

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