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NOTE: If you use our newest online self-help forms preparation tool, all of these forms will be prepared automatically, along with your Complaint, based on your answers to simple questions. If your Complaint has enough information, the judge will give a Temporary Order without talking to you.

But Maine law requires the judge to talk to you before denying a Temporary Order and to explain the reasons why it is being denied. If the judge gave a Temporary Order, the clerk will ask a police officer or deputy sheriff to serve the Complaint and Temporary Order and Notice of Hearing on the Defendant.

If you are bringing the complaint for your child, list yourself as Plaintiff "on behalf of" your child. Give your affidavit to the clerk along with your other papers.

NOTE: Bringing a complaint just on behalf of an abused child can be complicated.

If the judge who reads your complaint agrees that you are in immediate and present danger, they will give an order right away.

The order will take effect as soon as it is served on the defendant. This means that you must sign the complaint, swearing that it is true, in front of the court clerk, a notary public, or a lawyer.

Some domestic violence projects and sexual assault projects can also provide temporary alternative addresses.

If you need protection right away, check the box asking for a Temporary Order.

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