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Tấm soon fills up her basket, while Cám plays in the water and catches nothing.Realizing that her sister actually had a chance at receiving a red yếm and the day is almost done, Cám comes up with a plan to sabotage Tấm's work.He ignores his new wife, mourning for Tấm silently, to the other's dismay. Eventually, Tấm sees the king, and she sings to him.Missing his wife, the king says: "O oriole, if you are my wife, enter my sleeve", and she does so.Cám tells her older sister to wash her hair, saying that the stepmother will scold her if her hair is so muddy after catching all the tép, and Tấm obeyed.

One day, the stepmother tells Tấm and Cám to go to the field to catch "tép" (caridina, a tropical genus of shrimp) and promises to give them a new red yếm (a Vietnamese traditional bodice) to whomever catches the most.

Cám states she came to the palace to replace her sister's position as his wife.

The king is saddened to hear so, yet nothing he can do, and marries Cám. On her way, she scolds Cám for not properly washing the king's clothes.

The king commands his people to lead her to his palace to wed her.

Tấm goes with the king in front of Cám's and her mother's envious eyes. Not forgetting her father's death day, despite the fulfilling life in king's palace, she comes back home to help her stepmother prepare for the anniversary.

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