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He angered the Zoroastrian clergy by his tolerance towards the many Christians in his Empire, and angered the army after dismissing his popular general Bahram Chobin.In 590 he was overthrown, blinded and killed in a palace coup led by Khusru II (Khosrow II) uncles, who then put 20-year-old Khusru II on the throne.Men receive a generous free trial to use the chat line.Please call the chat number to hookup with other singles now in Birmingham!Then you are connected and hookup with local singles adult people in your area for dating, meeting, chatting, flirting, and more.

Much of his reign was spent fighting against the Byzantine Empire and the Turks.

We offer coins of Hormizd IV that grade Fine to Very Fine, but may show a few weak areas.

We also have coins of Khusru II that show minimal or no wear, but have major weak areas caused by the poor minting techniques.

There was a short-lived peace between Sasanian and Byzantine empires.

In 602 Byzantine Emperor Maurice was murdered by his General Phocas, who assumed the throne.

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