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My goal is to continue my modeling career and most of all is committed to living each and every day to the fullest.

Look for Malisia gracing the covers of numerous magazines and in various videos.

[email protected](*) and Lingerie Model From: California Nash Bridges, Lingerie on E!

2008 Malisia's Mini Calendar "Sparkle" (Cover) 2007 Tiger Lee's "Hot Pirate Babes" Miss Sep.

(Entertainment Television), "Playboy Golf Contest-Awards Party" 12/02 Playboy TV's The Weekend Flash "Naked Miniature Golf" 12/02 Telemundo (Spanish TV Station), "Christmas Fashion Show with Trashy Lingerie" 11/02 Babylon (European Music Television), "Girls in Trashy Lingerie", Interview 10/02 TBS (Tokyo) Jackie Chan's Star on The Walk of Fame, Interview 09/02 Channel 9 News, "Girls in Trashy Lingerie", Interview 05/00 E!

(Entertainment Television), "Sexy Swimwear" 12/98 Entertainment Tonight, "Christmas Lingerie" 12/98 Hard Copy, "Christmas Lingerie" 11/98 E! " 02/98 Nash Bridges, "Working Girl" 03/98 Nash Bridges, "Beach Bimbo" Videos/DVDs: 06/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Ultimate Collection DVD” 05/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Naughty Sex Kittens Totally X-Posed” 05/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Mystique’s Nude Island Race” 05/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Model Safari Search: Party in Paradise” 05/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Safari Search: Beautiful Contestants” 05/08 Mystique Magazine’s “Model Safari Inside Out: Making a Mystique Model” 01/08 Survival of the Nude Reality Girls/Pro Football Cheerleaders Exposed by Mystique 08/07 Cantebury Home Video & WWW International "Hollywood Scream Queens" - Co Star 12/04 Playboy’s “50th Anniversary Celebration” (DVD) 03/04 Post Modern Television's "Poorman's Bikini Beach-Uncensored in Belize" 01/04 Mystique Magazine's "Mystique-Experience Like No Other" 11/02 Daisy Town Production's "Sunset Strip Tease: Breaking the Law" 11/02 Daisy Town Production's "Best of Trashy Boobs" 11/02 Daisy Town Production's "Raunchy and Raw" 11/02 Daisy Town Production's "Boobs, Butts and Everything in Between" 11/02 Daisy Town Production's "Girls in Trashy Lingerie", Volume 1, Los Angeles (Cover) 09/98 Playboy's "Freshman College Girls" (Spokes-model) 02/98 Playboy's" Voluptuous Vixens II" 04/95 Player Home Video's "Raw Adventures" (Cover) 04/94 Player Home Video's "Erotic Landscapes" 05/94 Warner Home Video/Night Vision's "Girls Of The Pac 10" 05/94 Warner Home Video/Night Vision's "Freshman Fantasies" Magazines: 04/09 Playboy’s Hot Housewives 03/09 Playboy’s Hot Buns 02/09 Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens 08/08 Playboy's Hot Housewives 02/08 Playboy's Hot Housewives 12/07 Red Skye Comic's featuring Malisia as "Petra: Goddess of Earth"(Cover) 09/04 Playboy Magazine 07/04 Easyriders 05/04 Playboy Magazine 05/04 Keeper Magazine 04/04 Bass Guitar Magazine 03/04 Music Inc.

My mother was a farmer's daughter who inherited flood zone property and an old, run down ranch house.2007 Malisia's Mini Calendar "Tool Time" (Cover) 2005 "Xtreme Malisia" Calendar 12 Months of Malisia (Cover) 2004 Playboy's "Hungary Naptar" Miss Aug. My mother was a farmer's daughter who inherited flood zone property and an old, run down ranch house.2003 Playboy's "Desk Calendar" 1997 Memory Lane's "Soda Sweet-Hearts" Miss May. Our farm was also home to several wild cats as well as chickens, horses and cows that frequently escaped their rickety pens.On the farm we grew wheat and barley, and even though I grew up in a large family, you could always bet that there were plenty of chores to be done. During fourth grade my family relocated to Australia and I lived there for five years. My youngest brother and sister still live in Melbourne, and I still keep in touch with my best friend from elementary school.When I was fifteen I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a model.

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