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Mallrats is a comedy film from writer and director Kevin Smith.

Mallrats is the second film in Smith’s Viewaskewniverse series of films all set in the same area with a world populated by characters that drift in and out of each film. Brodie has a simple life as a slacker who loves comic books and video hockey. The film begins with Renee dumping Brodie due to his lack of motivation in life.

They seek out Jay and Silent Bob and comic book legend Stan Lee to help them execute a plan to infiltrate the filming of the dating show and expose Shannon as the jerk that he is. make one last desperate grab to save their relationships.

He then demands to have the credit card codes, which Blart had entered into a borrowed cell phone.

At one point Veck empties it into what he thinks is Blart but it is actually a decoy, one of his henchman uses a stun baton against Blart during a chase, and during the takeover his henchman also set up flash-bang grenades to ward off the police.

It is interesting to note that these are police weapons and may be hinting at Kent's involvement in the plot.

Veck also blurts out that he has overspent on and that the situation is "UNACCEPTABLE!! Veck appears to have vast knowledge of computers and computer hacking as he is seen hacking into several computers in the bank (possibly activating the credit card machines), Blart mentions that he is "good with computers", he has a binary code armband tattoo (which can be see on his left arm when he changes jackets), and at one point he suddenly has access to Blart's online dating profile, (which he presumably hacked into).

Veck is seen primarily using a Glock 17 9mm pistol.

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