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You will notice an expression of intelligence and alertness in an American Bobtail, as befitting its history of survival.They are described by fond owners as "fun, friendly, talkative, outgoing, and great climbers." American Bobtails are great family cats, and get along well with other animals and children.They are very social and communicate well with others.Due to their lively nature they can easily draw the attention of others.

Characteristics of the Aegean cat Aegean cat has a semi longhaired coat without any down hair and has a rich tail.

American Curls were officially accepted for CFA registration in 1986, and for championship competition in February 1993.

American Curls were also the first breed with two coat lengths to participate in the Championship of CFA.

The history of this breed began in June 1981, in Lakewood, California.

According to the story, two cats with unusual curled ears wandered up to the doorstep of cat lovers, Joe and Grace Ruga.

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