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The AAFP supports annual mandatory influenza immunization for health care personnel (HCP) except for religious or medical reasons (not personal preferences).If HCP are not vaccinated, policies to adjust practice activities during flu season are appropriate (e.g. The purpose of this statement is to reaffirm the American Academy of Pediatrics'™ support for a mandatory influenza immunization policy for all health care personnel.Read the Full Article Here: See Also: Flu and Flu Vaccines: What’s Coming Through That Needle – DVD More Info FREE Shipping Available!IAC is recognizing the stellar examples of influenza vaccination mandates in healthcare settings.For outcomes that matter the most—lab-confirmed flu and flu hospitalizations—the two meta-analyses (the CDC’s and Cochrane’s) both find low or very low levels of evidence, he said.

Refer to the position statements of these leading medical organizations to guide you in developing and implementing a mandatory influenza vaccination policy at your healthcare institution or medical setting.

In November 2012, an editorial in a Canadian medical journal calling for mandatory flu shots in HCWs prompted a quick response from researchers who questioned the evidence cited in the piece.

The new CDC analysis of HCW flu vaccination is part of an overall trend toward evidence-based public health recommendations and parallels recent new scrutiny on the efficacy of the flu vaccine itself.

They pooled the results and assigned grades to the quality of the evidence.

An increasing number of health systems require staff to receive flu shots or else wear a mask during flu season, but the efforts have been met with pushback from some medical worker groups.

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The Cochrane analysis found no evidence to support compulsory vaccination of HCW, she wrote.

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