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To resolve this issue, you can download this document by selecting Download PDF from the More menu.We are currently working on a resolution to these issues.The original measure would have required women to undergo a vaginal probe. Ultrasounds “are not done 100 percent of the time,” said Olivia Gans, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life and an outreach director of the National Right to Life Committee.“This is to protect the other 2 percent,” she said.Requires the pregnant woman to view the fetal ultrasound imaging and listen to the auscultation Some features of the document viewer are not currently functional in Internet Explorer.

“It’s pretty much common practice,” said Willie Parker, a doctor who performs abortions in the Washington region and Philadelphia. The vaginal ultrasound is mainly used in the earliest stages of pregnancy — between four and six weeks — when an abdominal ultrasound is unlikely to produce an image. Providers need to know how far the pregnancy has progressed to ensure that an abortion is taking place within a state’s legal time frame, that medically appropriate methods are being used, and to rule out ectopic pregnancies.

Those barriers prevent access to medical care, and then “you’re promoting illegal abortions somewhere else,” she said.

Despite the controversy over what type of ultrasound would be required in Virginia’s bill, both abdominal and vaginal ultrasounds are, in fact, used by most abortion providers.

That additional information may help women make their decision.

Abortion rights activists say mandating ultrasounds violates the doctor-patient relationship and also assumes that women don’t know what they’re doing.

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At the Falls Church center, the charge ranges from $325 to $475, but includes the cost of ultrasound, if needed.

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