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Before you take the test for the first time, please read its full description.

As a prerequisite to this test, you must obtain your and your partner’s type formulas and strengths of the preferences.

As love and marriage experts, one of the questions we are most often asked throughout the world is this: “What are the secrets of a successful marriage?

” Our immediate answer is always the same – marry the right person! But over time you begin to notice that his actions belie his words.

The truth is a person’s actions speak so much louder than their words.

Never lose sight of this truism for to do so is put your heart, your health, and your happiness at peril.

Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.

If you're seeking a date from Mexico we have thousands of Mexico singles seeking love, search our Mexico personals for Mexico dating. Look no further than for Chile Dating and free Chile Personals.To obtain the type formula and strength of the preferences, click here.Once you have your type formula and strengths of the preferences, you can use it over and over again to explore your compatibility with different people. Jung Marriage Test™ instrument uses methodology, questionnaire, scoring and software that are proprietary to Humanmetrics.One of our mentors, Don Clifton, the former CEO of the world renowned Gallup Organization (rest his soul), often reminded us of the power of “pervasive personality characteristics.” Don defined “pervasive” as “a recurring pattern of thought and behavior.” In other words, these are the personality characteristics that a human being develops within the first two decades of life that, for the most part, defines who they are for a lifetime.Don believed that you are what you are by the time you become an adult. The people you meet in life are, by the time they reach adulthood, pretty much what they are. The hard truth is, they can’t change who they really are, even if they wanted to.

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