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Scam Cash had a pair of 50-watt B-stocks for 9 and I was about to pull the trigger on one. well i guess the 800 could go in this] and the Orange wins hands down on every tone every time with the OD's we are laying down right now. or you can put like a Big Muff [original or Pi] and get a super lead tone.

The 900's are crap IMHO, at least all of the dual channel ones I've played. yuktyy I recently recorded a young high school band, and both the guitar player's parents bought them brand new Mesa Boogie half stacks. the 800 doesnt even get turned on anymore after getting smoked time after time. I'm getting my Sound City 120 worked on right now and it'll be back to 100% in about a week. the 800's just have WAY too much top end and NO BALLS.

He's playing a Les Paul through a Line 6 and it sounds like crap. So, are there amps out there with the Matamp label on them? I'm always on the lookout for bargins and finding a cheap Orange would be great. I'm going to paint my live room this week and guess what color I got? - jon I have a Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 (agh, say that a few times!

I was about to buy a JCM 2000 DSL 50 watter but I decided to have lunch first so I went to Wendys.

Getting an old Plexi was out of the question due to pricing and the fact that they're tempermental as hell. its some weird active EQ, like when they are on ZERO, the band fully cuts out all together.

I had recorded and played through the 2000's a few times and really liked the DSL which sounds much fatter and more focused then the TSL. right now i have a sound city 120, a vht pitbull50, a orange OD120, an 800 [and a couple ****ty amps... What kind of stuff do you find yourself using it on? its what townsend used to use before hiwatt [its what hiwatt became]. i plug into the sound city and its JIMI for daze like onaxis. i use it for clean sounding stuff to kinda gritty stuff.

Also, there is a book called the "history of Marshall" or something like that and it has a lot of good info on up to the 900's, including S/N's. Well, the next ones I saw had insane (IMHO) pricetags on them.

I used to see them for 0-450 and all of a sudden they were double that plus.

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I've heard a few SLX's and those sounded good if your into the high gain thing but were still a little buzzy for my tastes. When we recorded we used a Marshall cab in stereo, Mesa on one side, my Marshall JCM 800 on the other. Not like they were experienced connesiours of tone, but it makes me feel better knowing that I own the Marshall and not the Mesa. i really like the 45's the best but their $$$ aint worth the tone. and its almost impossible to dial it in just right. but the only 800 series i have come across with any sort of balls is a 1x12 combo that a friend of mine brought in once.

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