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John Cena/Ashley/Randy Orton/Mickie James John Cena and Ashley Massaro are bestfriends, in theyre last year of highschool. Y2J, Trish, Maria, Londrick, Mickie, RKO & Candice John and Ashley are the best of friends.

They secretly are crushing on eachother, but Ashleys parents do not approve of John's rebel ways. Jashley Randy Orton/Mickie Ashley is in an abusive realtionship with Chris Jericho. The group of friends have decided to spend their Christmas holidays in the mountains but when she has to share a cabin with her ex boyfriend's brother, what will happen from there? Ashley's troubled relationship with Matt comes to an end. But what happens when both get their hearts broken and fall into the arms of each other for comfort.

Ted/OCEve is in an abusive relationship with CM Punk, however she finds comfort in the unlikely arms of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Everything has been so complicated in my life in the past few months... But I'm back and I'll try my hardest to update all my stories :)But anyways...Long-standing relationships crumble and old ones reconcile but which ones will stand the test of time? For four former women's wrestlers, it's been hard to adapt to a relaxed lifestyle in Avidian Lane. "Kelly she's right there standing by the tree" Michelle said. What will happen when something is living in these woods? Two years later, Eve is forced to move back to where all the drama begins.Let's see what it been like for these 2 love birds. Nothing can change what happened on that December night. Complete This little idea has been bugging me for a while now so I decided to write it down. John Cena is feeling down after his Wrestlemania match, but that doesn't stop him from saving and making a certain...

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  1. She had dated with David Spade, Gray Stretch, DJ Ashba and also Chad Michael Murray. There is no information on who her recent boyfriend is and whom she is dating. Her fans can learn more on her going through her biography and articles that can be found all over the internet sites including her pictures.