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Christopher Marlowe would be lime-green with envy over the popularity of his one-time rival's plays; there are entire theater troupes devoted to performing Shakespeare, and the finest actors jockey to commit their portrayals of Hamlet and Lady Macbeth to film. "West Side Story," "Kiss Me, Kate," -- many of Shakespeare's plays were themselves retellings of historical events or classic tales, and the appeal of the narratives has only grown with his magical touch. "Twelfth Night" adaptations have been set on high school soccer teams, motocross events, and journalism competitions.

One can't help but wonder, however, if some of these adaptations would make the great wordsmith squirm, especially the vast array of teen flicks cannibalized from his oeuvre. No matter where, a lovely lady gets to prove an easy point about girl power while some fake homoromantic tension is ginned up between the lady in drag and the man she falls for. Of course, in Shakespeare's time, the constant cross-dressing (movie-makers could also try "As You Like It," though for some reason they seem stuck on "Twelfth Night") was far more practical and complex than it is today, as all of the female parts were played by boys or young men.

Once I broke up with my ex-fiance, we just picked up where we left off.[Mekhi] We make it work.

One thing I’m older, much more mature, much more grounded.

Not only was it fairly easy for these actors to be "convincing" in male garb, the device was a knowing wink at the audience, who knew the actor was a man playing a woman pretending to be a man.

Here's what we do know: This is the 399th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, and his outsize importance to Western culture looms as large as ever. In fact, the cross-dressing comedy seems to have particular appeal for the makers of teen movies.Apparently movie execs love putting girls in drag and making homoerotic jokes (until she’s revealed to be, thankfully for heteronormativity, a girl)."She’s the Man" was an Amanda Bynes vehicle back when she was still a star, and featured Channing Tatum before he really was one.I left with my clothes and my whip so then I was cool.But I guess she was still affected by it, she did this whole Honey article.[Laughs] He didn’t say that and I got love for D-Nice, that’s my man. I would go over there to pick my son up and we would chop it up.

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Shakespeare at least had the sense to find it all poignant rather than fodder for cheap homophobic jokes and forced genital exposure at soccer games. In this 1985 comedy, Terry Griffith, a gorgeous and studious high school journalism student grows frustrated that her beauty prevents others from taking her career aspirations seriously.

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