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Use this point if you have used the first three techniques given in the last blog without being able to reset your alarm points or the next time you are hit by stress or feel overwhelmed (hold for 1 to 5 minutes): Specific neurovascular points.

To find the neurovascular points, you can follow them as if they form a trail over your head (see the chart given below).

Each meridian in the body contains between nine and 67 acupuncture points.

You can affect the flow of any of these meridians without using acupuncture needles just by placing your fingers on specified points and holding them for two to three minutes.

In this blog I want to explore energy medicine and consciousness energetic approaches to working with CFS/ME.

I have used the sedating method many, many times since I discovered it and I am seldom disappointed.The neurovascular holding points are situated at various spots on your head as well as three places on your body. By softly holding specific neurovascular points for one to five minutes, you can increase the blood circulation to the part of the body the points affect.Two neurovascular holding points, called the frontal eminences–the bumps on your forehead directly above your eyes—affect blood circulation throughout the entire body.To find the appropriate strengthening or sedating points that correspond with your issue go to the following link:https://v=YTjum5H-4u M Donna Eden demonstrates Acupuncture Strengthening Points…this video includes a chart of the strengthening and sedating points for each meridian beginning at .

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By holding the strengthening or sedating points for a particular meridian, your hands become jumper cables that draw energy from one meridian to another.

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