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While there's no proof as yet that the void contains (or doesn't contain) such a throne, certain clues Magli has pursued leave it within the realm of possibility.The Great Pyramid contains four shafts leading up in the direction of the stars.A piece smashed through a factory roof and another tiny fragment was found later in a vase!When the fragments were put together, the Barwell Meteorite was about the size of a Christmas turkey, making it the largest meteorite to fall in this country in recorded history.Pieces were scattered over a wide area..fortunately no-one was hurt....One piece penetrated nine inches into a tarmac drive, another landed on the bonnet of a car.Magli explained to that the void could also potentially be accessed through "mini-invasive" techniques, such as drilling a small hole in the ceiling of the Great Gallery through which researchers could insert an optic fiber camera."The decision as to whether to explore the northern shaft or not fully depends on the Egyptian Minister," Magli told Magli believes the throne itself might bear a resemblance to one linked to Cheops's mother, Queen Hetepheres.

The void was discovered through a project the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities launched in 2015 called Scan Pyramids, which emphasizes non-invasive techniques.O Richard Norton called Allende one of the two great falls of the 20th Century.As reported by the BBC: " On Christmas Eve 1965, a very strange event occurred in the Leicestershire village of Barwell...(research since the Phobos report indicates several OTHER possible sources in the asteroid belt also give off identical surface reflection spectrogram readings - in fact, some now feel that Phobos, itself, may be one of these asteroids, having been "captured" by Mars) One of the most spectacular falls of the 20th century.Patios and rooftops in Allende, Mexico were pelted by a huge rain of stones which more than doubled the then weight of all known CV3 material .

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