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It is more difficult in Alabama than in numerous other states to change one's gender marker on various forms of state identification.And the state has not enacted a law passed by an increasing number of states prohibiting bullying of students based on their gender identity.In the few weeks since making the announcement, which she later extended to her peers in Montgomery, Loeb says she has been pleasantly surprised by how accepting the response has been.

Affirming steps The more than 15 transgender individuals spoke with across the state over the past three weeks attend private high schools and public colleges, are retired and hold down jobs at big-box retailers and Starbucks locations.James, where the teen was not out as transgender and was still perceived as being male.Indian Springs fostered an environment that helped Loeb feel comfortable enough to come out as transgender last month, just two years after she says she heard the term for the first time and realized there were other people like her in the world.They are single and in committed relationships, are grappling with whether to come out as transgender and have long openly identified as such.They identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual and somewhere in between.

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