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During games, if a player takes a big hit or comes off the ice injured during a shift, they are immediately sent to what’s called the quiet room to be evaluated no matter who the player or what the game situation is!I think now more than ever we are realizing that hockey is just a game and never worth jeopardizing a players future on or off the ice.If you don’t live in or near a college hockey program, you are sure to be close to a JR Program that host top level athletes who compete in hopes of earning a college hockey scholarship and climbing the ladder to the NHL.JR Leagues such as the USHL, NAHL, EHL, USPHL, NA3HL and the WSHL all play at a very high level where a family can go for very little cost and enjoy a great brand of hockey.NHL players like Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh and other star players in their respective cities, host multiple events that give kids the ability to try ice hockey for free and meet their favorite NHL players.Watching the NHL on TV has been the most exciting since I can ever remember.My familiarity with major league sports health and safety protocol is not enough comment.In evaluating the best cities for hockey fans, what are the top five indicators?

If a hockey fan wants to include his or her family in the hockey experience, look no further than a college hockey game.Not sure what the five indicators would be, but Oswego State men's ice hockey puts more than 2,000 fans in its state-of-the-art facility for each of its 13 or more home games in a given year. What are the biggest challenges facing the business of professional hockey today?The biggest challenge facing professional hockey is the knowledge and exposure of the game.So for all the diehard and rookie fans, Wallet Hub crunched the numbers to determine the best places for hockey enthusiasts. Our data set ranges from ticket prices to stadium capacity to the performance level of each city’s teams.Read on for the winners, commentary from a panel of sports experts and a full description of our methodology.

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