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But Islamic legends say Abraham was a late intruder into the shrine of the Kaaba.

He bought it from priestesses of its original Goddess.

However, Islamic doctrine is anything but "peace-loving," as it constantly calls for the slaying of "idolaters" and "infidels" (e.g., Q 1, 9:5, ), among other harsh commentary in the Koran as well as other texts such as the hadiths.

While this 1.8 billion figure seems to be high for the present, according to various predictions and stated Islamist goals Islam sweep the world, but, contrary to the best wishes of some of its adherents, this invasion will not be peaceful.

"In the tale of Isaac's near-killing, Abraham assumed the role of sacrificial priest in the druidic style, to wash Jehovah's sacred trees with the Blood of the Son: an ancient custom, of which the sacrifice of Jesus was only a late variant.

The cult of their god was associated with Mount Sinai—the mountain of the moon.

The experts assume that the name derived from Sin, the name of the Babylonian moon-god.

Like numerous biblical characters, Abraham is evidently a mythological construct, not a "real person." As superb independent scholar Barbara G.

Walker states in The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (5-6) concerning Abraham: "This name meaning 'Father Brahm' seems to have been a Semitic version of India's patriarchal god Brahma; he was also the Islamic Abrama, founder of Mecca.

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This subject is highly important not only because of Islam's expansion and the coming together of its leaders from around the world, but also because certain Muslim leaders, anxious to rectify Islam's bad rep, are making statements such as, "There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, and 99.9% are peace-loving" (Haitham Bundakji).

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