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It is a huge difference between viewing a still image of a hot girl with big tits and seeing the tits moving in a porn GIF.

The same goes for porn GIFS images which show sexy girls playing with their pussies. Porn GIFS images on are the same thing as a video.

They are also the best thing to happen to internet porn and viewers.

Years ago, if you wanted to view porn, you had to go through many hurdles.

They have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to technology.

It has made their porn watching days much easier than ever.

Instead, they can find mini clips of the celebs sex pics or videos that have been made into GIFS of porn.

The celebrities are also enjoying the wave which tech and porn GIFS provide.

Stars were immediately being talked about on social media sites, blogs and news outlets due to the controversy created by the porn GIFS.

This goes back to the saying that bad publicity is better than no publicity.

The only options were going to an adult movie theater or purchasing adult magazines.

There was also the option of purchasing video sex tapes.

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