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Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. This update has everything you need to cum in your pants, man!In recent months it has become increasingly common to see men walking around San Francisco’s Castro District completely naked.You might assume this is illegal, but no — there is no law against public nudity in San Francisco, unless that nudity also involves “lewd thoughts or acts.” (In practice, what that means is that unless you have an erection or are masturbating, it is OK to expose yourself in San Francisco.) But the ever-escalating recent increase in public nudists spurred S. supervisor Scott Wiener to propose new legislation requiring naked people to sit on towels when using public facilities, and also to cover their nether regions while eating in restaurants — so that other residents won’t have to come into contact with whatever bodily excretions that might result from sitting down pants-free.This beautiful naked woman with big bubble tits is soaked in sweat and all wet as she lies spread eagled on the floor, fucking her twat with a huge crystal clear dildo!All she is wearing are her fuck me heels and her lingerie is lying around the squirt soaked floor.Katerina uses a huge rubber dick to bring herself to 2 big squirting orgasms.

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Well, as luck would have it, the more politically-minded of the public nudists had already scheduled a pro-nudity protest just on general principles, but the timing was perfect to make it into a photo op for the newly proposed towel law.

Needless to say, I was at Saturday’s protest, camera in hand.

Local alternative newspaper The Bay Guardian saw a chance for a publicity stunt and produced “Butt Guardian” towels so that everyone could be in compliance with the new anti-excretion ordinance.

Bay Guardian employees handed them out to all takers; if you want one of your own they even have an online version you can print out “to soothe the heebie jeebies induced in some shrinking violets about stray hairs and other hysterical anal imaginings covering the seats of our fair city.” The quote above got me thinking about the very purpose of clothing, something I had never really pondered until now.

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I had originally intended to make this a lighthearted post, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt the protest merited serious analyis.

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