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Shuter’s early career as a publicist developed through the entertainment industry connections of his future husband, Bruce Sussman. Sussman is a co-writer of the song and stage musical Copacabana. Shuter, who is 20 years younger, was a university student selling ice cream at the Edinburgh production of the show.“Bruce said it was the most expensive ice cream he’s ever bought in his life,” Mr. Shuter worked his way up through New York PR agencies, including Boneau/Bryan-Brown and Bragman Nyman Cafarelli. But in the mid-’00s, he played a role in three mini-scandals that combined to damage his reputation and ultimately end his career as a publicist. His defense was that he had only passed on the information she supplied.“Zeta went after her, and she came after me,” he said. After The National Enquirer and Us Weekly got the story, independently, Mr. Simpson showed up on Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show and promptly, inexplicably, denied the relationship.“I believe it was the first thing Rosie asked her,” Mr. He was then fired by [Jessica’s manager-father] Joe Simpson, for all of the above reasons.”It is poetic injustice that in this case Mr. For that stated reason, and for violating an industry protocol against “poaching,” DKC President Sean Cassidy told him it was time to go. Cassidy emailed: “Fabulousness was never something Rob wanted to have a vicarious relationship with.

Tweet Rob at @Naughty Nice Rob With Meghan-mania only increasing in the U.

I was also a Daily News gossip at the time, writing the Gatecrasher column (though Mr. Back then, the typical Hollywood publicist was a magisterial woman of a certain age, who would call from L. to scream insults, lie to you and slam the phone down, in that order.

Sometimes, I’d hang up, and there would be spittle on my ear. Shuter took a friendlier approach and was usefully willing to trade information.

Celebrity publicists are always slippery with the truth, and I didn’t think he was dramatically worse than his industry peers. He once called and asked if I knew of a Downtown gay bar that had a VIP section that was both secure and highly visible.

I suggested XL on West 16th Street, and that night he took his client, Naomi Campbell, who was feeling in need of a pick-me-up.

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