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large 41mm Watch with 24 hour black and silver dial is verified...806 and Cosmonaute Ref. It is THE plexi glass you should use if you want to be able to read your watch's outer sliderule scale. The company takes its name from founder Léon Breitling, who was enthusiastic about catering his chronographs to scientific and industrial purposes.The modern Breitling range is broadly split into three categories: diving, aviation and luxury.Approached by Scott Carpenter, an astronaut with the pioneering Mercury space program, the company was asked to incorporate a 24-hour dial instead of the usual 12-hour one, as 'night' and 'day' are otherwise indistinguishable in space.The resulting model became known as the Cosmonaute and orbited the Earth three times on Carpenter's wrist in 1962, before evolving over the years with a range of different models.In the 1950s and 1960s, the watch was endorsed by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) with their own logo edition.In 1961, the Navitimer was further adapted by Breitling to meet the demands of a new kind of aviation: space travel.

Movado did this sometimes so that retailers could put their name on the dial (even period adverts show unsigned dials! The three-step high quality 18K case measures 34,2mm (fixed lugs) and is fully signed. The original black dial is not only very rare but in amazing condition. It has a special caseback with inscribed: Water-Guard, Shock-Guard, Synchro-Guard, Life-Guard. In fact, the waterproof variants are more common than this 18K version with ref 5161 from 1946. Price: Euro 4.999,- This is one of the rarest Tissot 15TL’s I’ve seen…

It comes with two straps: a green Nato and a Tropic.

Awesome watch with military history which makes this piece even more interesting. Finally another Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diver’s watch, a military BUND from around 1975.

The 18k pink gold case with claw lugs measures 33,5mm excl. The original military style radium dial has aged beautifully. The watch comes with an Extract and was sold in the UK; probably the gentlemen who wore it went or lived in the tropics also 🙂 The dial is the most tropic I’ve ever seen but also has some small imperfections (probably due to a warm climate). Movement is Heuer’s Cal12 Automatic (just serviced). Fantastic NEW/NOS Jaeger Le Coultre Master mariner Deep Sea from 1968.

The watch comes with an original box and Omega band with buckle. Attached is a NOS Here racing strap with Heuer buckle. This model bears ref E558 and is much rarer in a JLC opposed to a Le Coultre variant. crowns and still has it’s protective paint on the back.

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